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A 3D geological modeler based on the interpolation of structural data (observations, measurements) and cross sections.
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The 3D Geological Editor

The 3D Geological Editor (3DWEG - Web Editeur Géologique) results from the scientific research activities of the BRGM and particularly from one project dedicated to 3D modelling in the framework of the GeoFrance 3D national research program between 1995 and 2000.

3D Complex Geology Modelling:

The 3D Geological Editor was designed so that data of varied origin could be used in the same 3D space, thus ensuring their geometrical coherence. It nevertheless allows the geologist to work with his usual tools such as maps, sketches, cross-sections, boreholes and surveys, and provides the user with the tools necessary to manifest his geological interpretation(s).
3DWEG allows you to build a 3D coherent geometrical model that respects your data and that, once constructed, can be represented in 2D on maps and cross sections, or in 3D in the form of volumes. Moreover, a perfectly constrained and coherent model is essential for reliably calculating cubages, carrying out hydrogeological simulations, calculating geophysical contributions (gravimetric or magnetic), and many other applications. The functionalities of the 3D Geological Editor also make it possible to exchange data and results with other applications.

Last modified: Oct 15 2004